singing lessons with Fabian


Fabian is vocal coach and singing teacher for all ages (from 8 y) and in many styles. Whether you sing opera, soul, folksongs or carols – the basic vocal functions and technique remain the same.

“Together we train stable vocal functions that will result in equalisation of the registers as well as a natural and effortless sound. At the same time, the focus remains on content and emotion of a song at all times to make your personal expression and the particular sound of your voice stand out.”

  • Individual lessons. 30, 45 or 60 min.

  • Coaching for groups and choirs

Free Try-Out lesson.

Reduced rates for students.

Since in 2020: Lessons online!

You  follow your lesson through a video call from home. Distance doesn't matter anymore. Fabian teaches in Dutch, German, English or Swiss-German



“Singin lessons with Fabian offer me a lot of deeper insight into my singing technique. He approaches you at your individual level and since he knows the instrument through and through and can explain things, he is able to work in a personally tailored way. Vocal technique gets adapted to your respective repertoire of choice. The relaxed atmosphere during the lessons make me recommend them to anyone, no matter their level!”



“Fabian shows me his own excitement at my progress. Also, at times when singing goes less well, he is always capable of describing sharply what the causes are and somehow he always has the right advice for me”



“Singing in a men’s choir, I realised that I wasn’t using my voice in a healthy way. I came to Fabian to seek assistance in breath support and I remained because it is just very nice! You learn a solid technique and with that your voice becomes capable of things you wouldn’t have thought of.”



“After a few months of following lessons I have more faith in my own voice and my technique. With that I enjoy singing a lot more.”



“Fabian is a very nice teacher. He gives my difficult songs to sing that challenge me. That makes me practice a lot and I look foreward to the next lesson every time!”