heut geh'n wir morgen erst ins Bett

Fabian's solo show tells the story of Hans Pfeiffer, a young man from the countryside, living in a sublet room in Berlin in 1927. Hans is thrilled by the nightlife of nearby Kurfürstendamm. And also madly in love with Ruth who lives just across the patio. When he finally decides to go over and confess his feelings to her, he also has to wait for the rigid landlord who announced an inspection of the flat for the very same night. If only the landlord wasn't late, because as time moves on, Hans gets more and more nervous about missing his chance. Certainly when he whitnesses someone in Ruth's room...

Hans' story is told alongside 20 original musical numbers from the 20ies and 30ies, accompanied by a pinanist and embeded in a charming monologue-play whicht lets the audience participate in the worries, pleasures and anxieties of a young man in the roaring twenties.


Heut geh'n wir morgen erst ins Bett can be booked for theatres. Please contact Fabian for more information.


idea, concept and script: Fabian Egli

co-director, artistic advisor: Patrick Rohbeck

costumes and set: Esther Bätschmann

drawings: Sarah Vignon

arrangements, recordings: Dominique Huber

voice of Ruth: Sarah Madeleine Kappeler

pianist at original production, additional arrangements:

Christoph Johannes Eichhorn

premiere: 04.07.2018, Marbach am Neckar (D)

All rights reserved!